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Key Power Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove for Homes

As winter is just around the corner and waiting for autumn to make its exit, we’ll be readying ourselves for a winter wonderland. For sure, streets and houses will be covered with blankets of snow, houses will be donned with glittering lights and decors and house indoors would be geared up to keep the nights warmer.

During this season, everyone would be snuggling up to keep each other warm in the comforts of their homes. For this occasion, a wood burning stove would be the right partner to enjoy cold winter nights with your loved ones. But why a wood burning stove? Well, unknown to a lot of people, a wood burning stove offers so many benefits compared with stoves that are run by fuel or electricity.

Perhaps it’s about time for you to know the following key power benefits of a wood burning stove for homes and consider buying one for your home this winter season:

  1. Benefit #1: Environment-Friendly

Zero Carbon Emission – It’s a known fact that heat produced by burning wood is eco-friendly compared with using coal or gas. It happens to be carbon-neutral because when you burn wood, it doesn’t add or increase the level of carbon dioxide in the environment.

Renewable Energy Source – Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a perfect example of renewable energy. For one thing, forests can be replaced by replanting more trees. This would mean that it is a continuous cycle and you are going to take part of this practice. The least you can do is to secure your wood logs from a supplier that maintains sustainable practices. You can even encourage other providers to do the same thing. It’s a win-win situation for Mother Nature and us.

  1. Benefit # 2: Cost-Effective           

Cheaper Cost – Unlike gas, oil or electricity, wood costs less. If you have access to forest trees and you have the permission to cut, then wood would simply be free. You can just store wood logs and keep them seasoned for two years in a well-circulated dry area. These wood logs then would be your wood supply in the future.

Solution to Power Cuts – A major problem that homeowners deal with when they use a heating system that runs on electricity is when blackouts occur, and there is no available alternative to get heat from another source. It would be an inconvenience to the household members, especially during a freezing winter’s night. However, a wood burning stove would put an end to your worries when a power outage occurs.

  1. Benefit # 3: Faster Heating

One practical feature of a wood burning stove is its maximum heating mechanism.  It heats up more efficiently than an open fire and heating system that runs on electricity.

The great thing about a wood burning stove, especially with the radiant heat mechanism, is that it allows radiating heat from all sides of the oven, including the top, thus allowing to send warmth in all directions in a particular room. One perfect example of this is the wood-burning stoves in Glasgow that operate with maximum heat output with minimal waste.

On the other hand, wood burning stoves with a convection system usually heat the air around them which then rises to the ceiling.

  1. Benefit # 4: Cooking Instrument

This is one aspect that has been ignored in wood-burning stoves. There are a lot of models already out in the market that doubles as a stove top. The top can be used for cooking and warming food and drinks, in particular with the right cookware and placement.

  1. Benefit # 5: Less Smoke Emission

Wood burning stove manufacturers have made certain innovations to their products to adhere to regulations when it comes to smoke emission. A lot of timber burning stoves now can be installed indoors and emit lower smoke levels or unwanted particles. This would greatly benefit both the environment and the homeowners.  

  1. Benefit # 6: Visual Appeal

Main Visual Attraction – A lot of wood burning stoves are crafted not only for comfort but also for beauty. A wood-burning stove can serve as a great focal point in your living room as it can be part of the aesthetics of your home interiors. Most wood-burning stoves are now designed to fit the taste of the homeowner and blend well with other furnishings inside the house. You are provided with many options as they come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Two Model Types – You have the choice to install a free-standing type or an insert. The free-standing type is considered to be efficient and cheaper to install while the insert type can be fitted in the space within a fireplace and be used as a replacement for a general stove cooking surface.


With issues of global warming that have been affecting all of us around the world, it’s but timely that wood burning stoves have come into the scene. They serve as economical alternatives to heating systems that run on fossil fuels or electricity which are not eco-friendly. They are even more practical solutions not only to fuel consumption but also to saving your money, especially if you’re cooking on them. Let’s face it. Now is the time to be practical and wise with our choices and putting up a wood burning stove in your house would be one of the ways to do it.

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