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Common Tools You Need for Small Scale Home Improvements

Elevating your home environment doesn’t have to be in the large scale in order to be effective. There are a variety of small level projects that you can do in order to achieve a drastic change. You simply need to know what you need.

When it comes to improving your living space—whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, patio or any part of a home, you will always need tools. Now we’re not talking about massive power tools or anything, in fact, minor improvements can be obtained by the very common tools that you may already have. Tools like:

A Hammer

One of the more basic staples of a household’s tool kit, a hammer is highly useful when it comes to building or general maintenance around a home. You can use them to secure surfaces, fasten things, or even pick apart things that are no longer good.

Having a hammer is a pretty good thing to have in your home because you will always find a need for it when you least expect it.

A Step Ladder

Do not ever underestimate the extreme usefulness of a step ladder. Most full blown ladders are useful for outside work. A step ladder is highly useful for indoor projects. You may use step ladders to help you reach difficult places.

Adjustable Wrench

A common error that a lot of earlier homeowners used to make was to have a wide array of wrenches. This isn’t entirely their fault as they did not have a lot of options back then. Today’s technology allows us the benefits of having multi-tools. An adjustable wrench would be good since it’ll be the one only one you need.


A flashlight is always a great tool to have and quite useful when you’re taking on a small scale improvement project. They can help illuminate hard to see places so you can really scope out which areas would be viable for improvement.

A flashlight can help you check out any other hard to see locations which may need some more improvements like a basement, crawlspace or an attic.


You would be surprised what sort of improvements could be accomplished using only sponges. They can be used to decorate a room with the right sort of color and application. Sponges can be used to keep a place clean after some improvements have been made.

Always Remember

It does not take much in order to elevate a space and this is something that most people do not realize. We certainly hope that today’s discussion helped to clarify this point well. Most of the items that we’ve mentioned are things that you’ve probably already in your home. We know that these are things that really pulled their weight and were even worth more than they were originally purchased for.

Do you have these tools in your home? What other tools would you say would be crucial for small scale improvements?

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