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Simple Touches You Can Add to Elevate Your Home Space

One of the best things about home improvement projects is the fact that it needs not be drastic in order to be effective. Today, we’ll be talking about the simple touches you can add to elevate your home space.

The home is the place where you get to relax and completely feel comfortable—or at least, it’s supposed to be. A home will only be as homey or inviting as you make it to be. So if you’re not quite certain how you can achieve that through simple means, you may want to listen to what we have to say. Here are a few ways you can elevate your home space without having to break the bank:

Add Color

11 - Simple Touches You Can Add to Elevate Your Home Space

People in general benefit from the usage of color in their lives. Each particular color can come with an associated feeling or concept. Green is usually associated with foliage and creates a more lush tone. Yellows are associated with the feelings of brightness or happiness which can add energy to a room.

Adding color can be something as simple as a new rug or a solid color throw pillow. Use vivid colors like red or purple to pull the eyes toward it, making it an effective focal point or even a conversational piece.

Use Plants

12 - Simple Touches You Can Add to Elevate Your Home Space

In the section above, we discussed the usage of the color green in a living space. In this section, we’re talking about using actual plants to brighten up or add life to a room. Plants do not need to be large or gregarious in order to be effective in elevating a space.

Smaller plants which thrive indoors can really add both color and functionality to a room. There are specific plants which have several good benefits to them like keeping the air clear of any mold growth. It would be good to do a bit more research on what sort of plants can really elevate your space and be functional at the same time.

Open Shelving

13 - Simple Touches You Can Add to Elevate Your Home Space

A lot of home owners do not consider the option of open shelving. They tend to think that keeping things open would more than likely make things look like they’re cluttered rather than sequestered off. Open shelving, when done right, can add to the depth perception of a room—making it look bigger than it actually is.

Open shelving can be bought at your local hardware store. Just get L shaped hinges and the necessary tools to install them.

Always Remember

Bigger is not always necessarily better. It’s the little touches to a home space that can really turn it from stuffy to comfortable—from bare to colorful. The little touches we’ve mentioned can work for a variety of budgets and can really be used to reflect your individual styles and preferences. The only limit to improving a place is the owner’s imagination.

Do you use simple touches to elevate your home space? What sort of touches do you do?

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