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Active Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

The heating of the home becomes more expensive as time goes by, but not everyone has the disposable income to be paying high energy bills. However, as the winter months draw in, many people aren’t left with much choice.

It’s never recommended that you try and live without using energy, and this can cause illnesses, so looking after yourself and your loved ones the number one priority. However, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure that you’re able to reduce what is spent on fuel bills moving forward.

Consider External Wall Insulation

When it comes to insulation, many assume that only cavity insulation is available. However, not all properties allow for this, which means some households could be losing heat through the walls.

www.anywall.co.uk say that many miss out on the benefits on offer from external wall cavity, assuming it to be similar to other products.

As well as being able to offer a barrier to trap heat, the use of external wall insulation can also help bring value to the home and give it a professional finish not always possible with other solutions.

Remember, external wall insulation is not the same as cavity wall insulation. Although it does have similar properties, external wall insulation is applied in a way that can be adopted by many households and business premises.

Check Your Fuel Tariff

Sometimes people can be paying more than they should for heating, simply because of the tariff they’re on. Taking some time out to discuss your current tariff with your supplier could mean that you’re able to make some substantial savings moving forward.

Many companies are now offering the use of smart meters, which means that households can gain a more realistic overview of the fuel being used.

Although it does take an investment of time there are several tools that can be used online to help make the task straightforward, such as comparison sites.

Become Familiar with Your Thermostat

Depending on the type of thermostat you have, programming it could be problematic. When you’re unsure of how the heating works in the home, you become used to turning it off and on, but this can mean more fuel is being used as a result.

Programming the thermostat ensures that the heating is coming on and going off at the right intervals, ensuring that the house remains warm at a cheaper price.

If your current thermostat is causing your problems, then why not look at some of the modern alternatives. For example, smart thermostats allow control from an app.

Although there could be a learning curve when using the thermostat, as soon as you’ve mastered it, you should find that you’re able to make some substantial savings moving forward.

Close the Windows

It’s normal for many of us to open windows to ensure that fresh air is circulating through the home, but it’s important that we don’t forget to shut them. Leaving windows open during colder periods can be one of the main reasons why people spend so much on their fuel bills.

When opening the windows, make sure that you have some sort of reminder in place to close them again in a couple of hours. This can be a simple as setting an alarm on your phone.

Closing the windows means less heat is escaping, thus meaning less is being spent on fuel bills.

Book a Boiler Service

Although your boiler may be working, it may not be working to the best of its ability. If all seems okay, we can often overlook the need for a service. However, should the boiler be struggling in any way, it’s likely to be using more fuel as a result.

If you’re looking to safeguard yourself during the colder months, then it can be a good idea to book a service as soon as possible. An effective boiler means that you’re paying in less in relation to heating bills.

Don’t Underestimate Draught Excluders

Draught excluders are often seen as a fun novelty from times gone by, but the truth is they can play an integral part in reducing your heating bills overall.

There are many modern iterations of the humble draught excluder, including expanding time, and draught excluders that are permanently fitted onto the door. As such, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a product that suits your requirements and your budget.

Wrap Up

Sometimes adverse weathers condition can prove to be hostile, but in most instances, modern heating will be able to contend with the cold. However, adding a couple of layers can mean that we’re not having to rely on the heating quite as much.

Even an investment in pyjamas that are a little heavier can do wonders in reducing your heating bills, as you will be tapping into your body heat for comfort.

Spend Less Time in The Shower

It goes without saying that taking shower is a staple of many lifestyles, but do we need to spend as much time in the shower as we do?

Taking a shower can be a great way to unwind, meaning that we could end up getting lost in the moment and standing in the shower for hours as opposed to minutes.

This isn’t to say that you should be hopping in and out of the shower but being mindful of the time spent can help reduce fuel bills in the future.

For example, if you currently spend 20 minutes in the shower, try and reduce this to 15 minutes moving forward. It may only seem like a small amount of time, but these cutbacks soon pile up over the year.

Although not all the tips listed may be suitable for you, there will be some that can be employed to help save money on your heating bills in the future. Remember, all the small steps taken will contribute towards bigger savings each year.

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