About Ouzledale

a1 300x224 - About OuzledaleHome and shelter have always been a primary need that we have and will continue to have. Gone are the days where we used to live in caves and simple yurts or wooden cabins. Our technology has evolved to a point wherein we are able to truly provide a wholly safe and pretty comfortable setup in terms of shelters.

While the usual process would be to get someone to come in and professionally build or improve one’s home, there have been drastic rise in the trend of homeowners doing everything themselves based on information obtained from various sources.

As you can imagine, this has sparked quite an interest but not a lot of comprehensive discussions. This is where Ouzledale aims to come in. We’re an online publication which aims to discuss a variety of angles as it pertains to the topics of construction and improvement. At the head of our operation is George Faulkner, a highly experienced contractor and developer.

Under his watchful eye, he’s developed this site and found other reliable voices from the field of construction and improvement. We hope that with every article, we further illuminate these topics and help you obtain a better shelter for yourself.